Pagoda Renovation

From "time to time" repair is necessary.

Because all technology used over a long time is just the same since ages. E.g. all brick construction is done without insulation that's the reason why the walls get dark because of the heavy monsoon rain and more.

placing gold sheets for cover
Getting the gold decoration right
placing gold sheets for cover
Placing gold sheets for cover

Since all renovation is done with donation money nobody is really in charge means nothing is done properly. Only from time to time the government or some rich people initiate some improvement work or gold decoration, but as indicated before most people dont know what they really do and the result of this will be low unless it is in a technique they already did it 500 years ago.

One of the most funny things on renovation ( but it works good ) is the use of a cable car to get the needed stuff to the top because of the monument's shape it's rather difficult to to lift up things otherwise.

I am always wondering how they keep track of the gold plates and sheets to cover the surface because of the sheer value of them it's a real temptation to take one and call it day, there are thousand of dollars value on it. The same is with the donations of private jewelry people give to have it enclosed into the top of the shrine to gain merit etc.   

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