Shwedagon Treasure Donations

Gold, diamonds and other precious gems donations.

There is probably no building in the world, which surpasses the pagoda treasures in terms of the amount of gold and diamonds used for its decoration and precious items such as jewelry and gems donated.

The lower part of the almost 100 meter-high stupa is covered with gold plates and the upper part with more than 14 000 foils of size 30 X 30 cm and a total weight of about 100 kg.

Countless small gold and silver bells

Countless small bells made from the metals surround the very top, they sparkle, glow and send harmonious sound although they are too far away to hear it at the platform. 

Above the mast is a weather-vane decorated with rubies and other gems and the diamond bud in form of a sphere with 25 cm diameter is above.

weathervane studded with rubies and other gems
The golden top of the pagoda

The mast is made of silver where four golden Buddha bas-reliefs are mounted.
gold relief at the mast

This precious crowning of the stupa is studded with 5451 diamonds in various weights of together 2078 carats, and with about 1470 other precious stones. The total number of bells amounts to 1500.

All this treasures come from people.

They give their jewelry as donations. The gemstones are used for a other purpose, metal is melted and shaped into new forms. Now what is all this for? The main purpose is to gain merit for the next life cycle. The same idea is for building pagodas.

goldsmith at work
Goldsmith at work
placing gold plating
precious crowning of the stupa

On the picture left diamonds and gold are combined to form one of the most valuable collection in the world. This are all valuable precious stones of various sized with an incredible combined value. There is no fake, no synthetic just pure gemstones, the very big one in the center of the top is the only non diamond, that is an local found quartz. 

It is not clear where all the stones came from since this is a ongoing process which started already more than thousand years ago. Every time when the stupa was renovated and enlarged donations were added.   

donations enshrined at the top

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