Buddha Sculptures and Statues

There are hundreds of statues.

Big Buddha Sculptures, small ones, new, old and of various quality. The statues have naturally religious and often just decorative function in a home or office.

Many Buddhist devotees place them in a temple on the platform to gain merit, some built a whole pagoda, shrine and temple and place them there. Since this is a popular habit in the country there are probably millions of them virtually everywhere. on hills, mountains on islands in the river, offshore or just as a jade pendant around the neck.

Pouring water over the Buddha Statue
Sitting Buddha shielded by the Naga
The Shwethalyaung Buddha

This huge reclining sculpture is in a compound just before Bago when coming from Yangon it is a popular pilgrim destination together with the Kyaik Pun Buddha close by. 

The Buddha is represented in different positions called Mudras

Monk Buddha and Flowers

Kyaik Pun Buddha at Bago

A monumental sleeping Buddha in Monywa

Sculptures are a substantial part of Myanmar art.

Plenty of great creative work is done by making them since hundreds of years, although they always look somehow similar they variations mainly depending where they are created. 
The artists usually bring some local ideas into the work and the proportion vary slightly in different countries, but the basics are fix since hundreds of years.

Beautiful Buddha Sculpture and SnakeFine Buddha Sculpture Creation

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