Ananda Temple in Bagan

This is one of the five most famous in town

and a real amazing structure, built under King Kyanzittha in 1105 AD, this is one of the biggest in the city and really impressive, there are about hundred more in good conditions and many more in various state of decay.  

The monument has a microcosms by itself because of devotees visiting everyday and this are not only local ones they com from everywhere in the country and a large number of foreigners are among them. This are not only tourist, there are many Buddhist pilgrims from the region plus China, Korea and Japan.

The Ananda in the Morning
Wall relief with jakata story

Dozens of locals have businesses around, selling souvenirs and other items, at one of the entrances a famous photographer has a stall this is Mr. Bagan Maung Maung, he really makes exceptional pictures. If you want to bring some great artwork home from your journey buy some of his, actually I can't think of any more appropriate to bring back home.  

Great Buddhist Shrine

Temple GuardianTo visit the shrine the first time 

it is highly recommended to take a tour guide with since with them you will learn about the monument in one day more as if you do it on your in 3 days even when using a travel guide book. The guides are not expensive they also could be used for a day trip to Mount Popa

Mount Popa
Mount Popa
Bagan Architecture
The other reason is, many shrines are closed and it needs to get a key to enter they know where to get it, you don't so you finally will miss a lot you will regret since you don't come here so often. 

A great Buddhist Temple

Buddhist Temple
Buddhist Temple
On top of it they know all temples where the best picture shooting spots are. You might need to search for hours etc. that also has a social function since your money finally reaches the people directly.

The monument in the Distance

Golden Buddha StatueThis spectacular religious monument is one of the highlights in the city, every day hundreds of people walk through. Outside are some souvenir vendors and it make sense to buy something from them, keep in mind this is their only income, when there is no sell today there is nothing to eat tomorrow.

Standing Buddha Sculpture

Bagan pictures, 

one shop is particular interesting, located right outside the exit they are selling photos, the photographer is Mr. Bagan Maung Maung, he is one of the top in this field in the country.

Hallways of the monument

Main transportation in the city

Temple interior
Temple interior and Buddha Statues

The famous Shwezigon Pagoda

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